Binders: general

A binder is a bundle of documents that follow the same styling, terminology, etc. It is used to create, for example, an agreement with its annexes.

Cross-references from document to document within the same binder

ClauseBase enables you to customise how clauses and documents in subdocuments of a binder should be referred to.

Global and local definition lists

In a binder, you can choose to add a definition list with all terms used in the entire binder (a global list) or a separate definition list for a specific subdocument (a local list).

Document and binder properties

Documents or subdocuments can have certain properties, e.g. they can be subject to a condition, they can implement a certain concept etc.

Binder pane in the operations panel

When editing a binder, a "binder" pane will be available in the operations toolbar, enabling you to add or remove subdocuments, edit binder properties,...

Styling of a Binder versus subdocuments

Describes how the styling settings are applied to a Binder and its subdocuments.

(Un)locked documents in a binder

Please read this page carefully prior to unlocking a document in a binder as doing so may have serious consequences. When working in a binder, you may notice that some (or all) of the documents making up the binder contain a lock symbol. The lock symbol is also visible when inserti...